We were so blessed to have hundreds of people and businesses help us during our fundraising. Just saying “thank you” doesn’t even seem to be enough for the great deeds you have done. 
— Pudge & Tina Fagan (Papa & Nana)

— a thank you note from Mazie’s parents:
“Nothing in this world can make you feel more vulnerable, sad, angry, defeated, overwelmed, SCARED!, etc… than an endangered child. Mazie’s diagnosis was, as in most cases, a total shock. Our very simple existance as a young, budding family suddenly became very complicated and we found that our very core was in jeopardy. Needless to say, having all of these emotions swirling around in our heads everyday is taxing. So taxing, in fact, that it seems we are fighting two battles simultaneously. We are battling a very formidable disease and we are battling to stay afloat, spiritually. All of you have become essential to our survival. We can only scarcely express our eternal gratitude to the people who have helped us along the way. Anyone who has so much as held Mazie in their thoughts and prayers is an advocate to whom we are indebted. Please accept our apology for remaining unresponsive so long but it was not a sign of ingratitude. We love and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Kolby and Andrea

We would also like to acknowledge Mazie for being a shining example unto us. Her strength and perseverance is inspirational and her personality is exceptional. We love you, Mazie, and we will always be by your side.