Post-Transplant Update 3/13/11

Mazie is doing well this morning. She’s still sleeping and she’ll get her breathing tube out today.  They are keeping her in ICU for a few days because there is a chance of bleeding. From what I understand, they will have her on the immune suppressant drugs right away to keep her body from rejecting her new liver and will have to be on an anti-rejection drug the rest of her life. 

There is really no way to thank everyone enough for all the prayers, thoughts & generosity that has been given to little Mazie. We are forever grateful.  Nana Tina

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Transplant Update 3/13/11

Hoorray! Mazie is out of surgery and it was a success! All of the bile ducts lined up perfectly and surgery took around 6 hours. She’ll be out for the rest of the night and will be in ICU for a few days.  Andrea & Kolby haven’t actually gotten to see her yet so they are waiting anxiously. They’ll call again in the morning to let us know how she’s doing.  Today was a wonderful day. 🙂

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Transplant Update 3/12/11

We just talked to Andrea, Mazie’s mommy. Surgery is going well. They expect her to be out of surgery no later than midnight tonight (Pacific time). The donor liver was flown in from Wisconsin from another child. Please keep the donor family in your prayers also.

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Well, we just got the phone call this morning. Mazie and her parents are at the hospital as of 7 a.m. this morning and her liver transplant is scheduled for today around 4 or 5 (PST).  Please include Mazie, her family and the donor’s family in your prayers today.  I will post more later as we know.  Thank you!  Tina

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Update 3/16/11

We don’t have a lot of “new” information.. still doing a lot of waiting.  Mazie is done with  her 10th round of chemo and she is on the donor list.  Now that I have more time I’ll learn more about the actual process and keep you posted.  Mazie and her parents are still staying at the Ronald McDonald house in California and Mazie has made some great friends. She is definitely a little social butterfly (like her Papa Pudge) and likes to make friends.  Her great Aunt and Uncle recently went to visit and they all had a great time! It’s hard for Mazie to understand why she doesn’t get visitors all the time like some of the other kids. We wish we were closer so we could go see her every day, but we do hold her close in our hearts each and every second of every day.

Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, your donations and your support… we have come so far with the support of our friends, family, community and strangers with big hearts.
Nana Tina

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Great Falls Benefit – Thank you!

We’re finally catching our breath again from last weekend. What a great time and a great turnout! We had a fantastic bunch of volunteers turn out and they really made the whole event happen – we just cannot thank you enough!

When I get caught up – I will post some photos of the event! Thanks again to everyone!!!

Fagan Family

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Great Falls Benefit – This Saturday!

We hope to see you at our Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction in Great Falls, MT this weekend! It will be a really good time for a great cause!  More about our Benefit, click here!

Our news coverage in Montana & Wyoming has been great. We’ve been getting so much response from people…. and again – it always hits us how much everyone reaches out to little Mazie and her family. It’s almost overwhelming to see how wonderful people can be – whether it’s through sharing their good fortune, or sharing their stories of recovery and loss. As bad as this whole experience has been – our family will forever be touched by the love and kindness of others.  Thank you all.  Tina

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In the News – Great Falls Benefit

Wow, our Great Falls team is doing a fantastic job of getting the word out about our fundraiser coming up this weekend on Feb. 5th! 

Watch the news clip on kfbb!  The station did a phone interview with Andrea, Mazie’s mommy and Mazie’s Aunt Jen in Great Falls.

 Thank you all for your help!

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Update 1/25/11

Great news today! The pathology is back on Mazie’s lung biopsy and the surgeon was right, her lungs are cancer free!  This means Mazie will be on the donor list probably by Friday – which is also great news! Once she’s on the list the transplant can happen any time.  Her oncologist is not going to start her on her next round of chemo since she’ll be on the donor list. They don’t want her to be in the middle of a round of chemo when a match comes up so they are waiting.

We will post more updates here as we get them! Thank you! Tina

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Basket Sponsors Needed!

Our Great Falls fundraiser (Dinner, Dance, Silent Auction) is coming up on Saturday, Feb 5th!  We are creating Valentine’s Day baskets & Superbowl baskets for the silent auction portion of our fundraiser. Our baskets are being sponsored by individuals, families and businesses. The sponsor covers the cost of making the basket and we will display a nice card with each basket with the sponsor’s name.

Sponsor a Basket, click here for more info!!

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