Mazie’s store is online! Check it out, click  here!

The first design has been posted to the store – more will come later.  Available in various color combinations on different styles & colors of shirts & merchandise. Thanks so Matt & Aubrie for the fantastic photos!  Matt is cousin to Mazie’s mommy & Aubrie is his beautiful fiance. You guys rock!


© Matt Faxon & Aubrie Richeson


  1. Casey Strough says:

    hi i am casey (i am mike rudisills girlfriend mike is friends with matt and his wife) at the beer garden friday nite i purchased like 5 glowsticks and a cancer blows pin and continue to wear the pin. i am truly sorry for what mazie is going thru i have 4 close family members going thru cancer adn chemo treatments as well, so plese tell me how i can help and also how i can buy on of the cancer blows tshirts :] thank you adn have a great day

    • 2bluedogs says:

      Hi Casey,
      Thanks for the note and for supporting us at the fair – we really appreciate it! Wow, 4 family members, I’m so sorry about that. We realize now how much others are going through with cancer and my heart goes out to them and their families. It’s really put a lot of perspective on life in general.

      You can get shirts online through Mazie’s site – just click on “buy a shirt” in the navigation and it will take you to the shopping site on that page. I am adding some new designs this week. Cancer Stinks (skunk), Kickin’ cancer for Mazie (cute horse), and prayer warrior shirts.. and maybe some team mazie shirts if I can get to those too. If you’re interested in any of those, just check later in the week and they should all be on there.

      Next week we’re going to start full-force on planning the auction and softball tourney on the weekend of Sept. 18th. We can always use help there in one way or another… we haven’t got that all sorted out yet, but I am keeping a list of people so we have it when we are ready 🙂 If you’d like to be included, just let me know!

      Thanks!! Tina & Pudge

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