Cancer Stories

A story about childhood cancer from
Written by her “Papa”.

Having childhood cancer invite itself into our home, our lives, and our
precious little Lindsey Ann has been the best, and the worst, event of our
lives. The childhood cancer “experience” can be best surmised by relating
it to a tornado. It was the single most terrifying experience that our
family has ever known.

Our personal tornado hit us without warning… There were no sirens
announcing its coming and absolutely no chance to prepare.
It was upon us in an instant and we were all being tossed about on
the raging winds of uncertainty. We were all scared and we were quite
literally face to face with the very real presence of death.

In an effort to comfort those that are currently being tossed about in
those same winds of uncertainty at this very moment, I could lie…
I could tell you that my family survived unscathed. I could say that once
the storm passed we embraced the sunny skies and that we’ve been living
happily ever after.

The problem is that anyone that has ever been swept up in this tumultuous
tempest would most likely take offense to that, and rightfully so. They would
take offense because deep down they know the truth…

When the tornado called childhood cancer hits your home and your family
it quite literally destroys it. It rips off the roof, shatters the windows, and
tears the entire structure from its foundation. It will leave in it’s wake a
bittersweet longing for the way things used to be, a euphoric sense of victory
through faith for having survived, and a heartfelt desire to build anew on that
old foundation of family and home with newfound insight into what is truly

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