Mazie Dylan is the 2 year old daughter of Andrea Fagan & Kolby Bennion. Both Andrea & Kolby attended high school in Powell.

Mazie has always been a healthy & happy little girl with a strong will and a lot of determination. The diagnosis of cancer has hit her entire family hard but she’s a fighter so we have faith that she will fight this with everything she has.

Our daughter, Andrea, lives in Oregon and we will be visiting in August so we’d like to start some fundraisers right away to help the kids out with bills and any possible medical expenses above what insurance will cover.  I don’t like to ask her 20 questions everytime we talk because I know how stressed they are… so, if I have any information slightly off, that’s why. They are currently at Legacy Emmanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland but Mazie may get to go home soon and then just go back to the hospital for chemo. She gets a little upset at the nurses for waking her up all the time so I’m sure she will be  happy to be back in her own bed.  However, Andrea told me that Mazie has an entire “team” of fuzzy animals on her bed along with a girly pillowcase and a cute blankey from one of the hospital workers.

Mazie has the most common malignant tumor of the liver in children.  I’ve included a link to a pdf file with more info:


Mazie will be starting a 21 day cycle of chemo and other medications and then they will recheck the tumors in her liver. We found out today (6/28) that the tumors are all throughout her liver so it’s possible she will need a liver transplant from one of her parents.

Mazie has a big sister, Alice, who is going to be 5 years old in July and is currently staying in Montana with relatives.

I will post updates on Mazie’s progress as she proceeds with treatment. Please feel free to browse the posts or other pages to learn how you can help or if you would like to leave a comment or a prayer.

Thank you. Tina & Pudge Fagan (Mazie’s Nana & Papa)