Update 5/3/11

Well, our little girl has been having a rough month but things are looking up. They returned to Oregon from California but they have only spent a few days at home, the rest have been at the children’s hospital through Mazie’s last round of chemo. The immune suppressant drugs she’s taking because of her liver transplant, along with steroids and then chemo just wiped her out and she got a stomach virus and a few other things, that well… not sure if that would be TMI here. Let’s just say she’s  had a rough month but things started looking up yesterday. Mazie’s mommy, Andrea, said that she has smiled (first time in about a week) and was playing a little, so that’s a wonderful sign.  I got to talk to her last week and I swear I could feel my heart break when I heard her voice, she sounded so fragile.

Great news is that her last round of chemo is over and they are just waiting for her numbers to come back up so she can go home again.  (10 rounds of chemo total) She will still have weekly dr. appointments, but being home would be good for Mazie and her parents. As soon as school is out in Montana, we will be able to take Mazie’s older sister back home (she’s been staying in Montana with her Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins), and hopefully we will all have a happy, healthy and uneventful summer! 😉   But, I’m getting ahead of myself… right now we just take it one day at a time 🙂

Mazie’s 3rd birthday is coming up in June which is the time we found out last year that she had cancer, so we’re really looking forward to celebrating it with her.  Papa Pudge and I went shopping for summer clothes for her this last weekend and it was nice to be doing something normal & everyday for her.  Can’t wait to see Mazie in her new summer outfits but more important — too see her bright little face and knowing she’s going to be here for us to love for so many years to come.

Please keep Mazie and her family in your prayers and thank you so much for your support and love.  Nana Tina

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2 Responses to Update 5/3/11

  1. Janine Langemo says:

    Praise God for watching over Mazie! May He continue to bless and keep her in His loving care every step of the way! It will be so wonderful for her to be reunited with her family at home in time for her birthday celebration and just in time to enjoy all the beauty & fun of sun-kissed summer days. Peace & blessings to Mazie and her family!
    From Janine, Marty, Zachary & Joshua Langemo
    Saint Paul, Minnesota

  2. Cathy Beck says:

    To Mazie & her family:
    You are in my prayers and hope that things really start to get lots better for you!!! Praying that you will be home for your birthday and it will be a super, special day in your life and lots of love to everyone. Cathy

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