Update Post-Transplant 3/21/11

Mazie was released from the hospital on Friday, one week after her liver transplant.  They are now back at the Ronald McDonald house and doing well. By Saturday, she was running around and playing and one of her dr.s calls her the “liver transplant posterchild”. I’m sure the fact that the liver matched Mazie perfectly had a lot to do with it too – and the fact that our little Mazie… well, she’s pretty amazing. 😉

Her liver function and levels are already normal and the biopsy results of her old liver showed that cancer only remained in the tumor, not in any other part of her liver so that says that her cancer was contained and was not spreading again.  🙂

She’s now on a immune suppressant drug that she is processing very well and they are working to get her levels steady.

Whether or not they can return to Oregon for her final two rounds of chemo will depend on her liver function and levels. She will be on steroids for a little while longer. They’ve been told if anything were to go terribly wrong, it would likely be within the first two weeks of the transplant so she will stay on the steroids through that time because is suppresses the immune system also. 

Mazie’s great aunt and uncle went to visit again this last weekend and had a great time playing with her and with other kids in the playroom too.  Andrea said Mazie is still talking about their visit. 😉 

Thank you all again. Nana Tina

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