Alice & Mazie – Halloween 2011

The girls are looking great and SO healthy!!  Alice is Rapunzel and Mazie is Merlia (barbie-mermaid-princess) LOVE her hair!!

Mazie’s liver function is still excellent. The biggest challenge is the anti-rejection drugs she has to take for her new liver lowers her immune system but her parents are very diligent about keeping her well.

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Wee Bites will be at the Kappa Kraft Fair – Nov. 26th in Powell, WY

Join us at the Kappa Kraft Fair on Saturday, Nov. 26th! Try our new whoopies, cupcakes, cake pops and bon bons!!

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Thank you

We recently returned from our trip to see Mazie and celebrate her 3rd birthday! The trip was amazing and the only down side was that it needed to be longer. Mazie is doing great! She is done with chemo and just had her feeding tube taken out. Her liver function is excellent. She still has to go back to the dr. once every two weeks for labs and of course they are keeping an eye on her AFP levels and her overall health. Her hair is growing back and she’s just as animated as ever!

This photo was taken in Hood River, Oregon. (l-r: Mazie’s sister, Alice, her cousin Conner Fagan, Mazie, and her cousin Haylee Fagan)

We aren’t planning any further “big” fundraisers, however, we will be continuing with our “ongoing bake sale fundraiser”, Wee Bites. Because of the reorganization at the fairgrounds we’re not sure if we’ll be at the Kappa Kraft Fair this year, however, we are taking private party orders for everything from German Chocolate whoopies to custom cake pops to mini cupcakes.

We were so blessed to have hundreds of people and businesses help us during our fundraising. Just saying “thank you” doesn’t even seem to be enough for the great deeds you have done.
– Pudge & Tina Fagan (Papa & Nana)

“Nothing in this world can make you feel more vulnerable, sad, angry, defeated, overwelmed, SCARED!, etc… than an endangered child. Mazie’s diagnosis was, as in most cases, a total shock. Our very simple existance as a young, budding family suddenly became very complicated and we found that our very core was in jeopardy. Needless to say, having all of these emotions swirling around in our heads everyday is taxing. So taxing, in fact, that it seems we are fighting two battles simultaneously. We are battling a very formidable disease and we are battling to stay afloat, spiritually. All of you have become essential to our survival. We can only scarcely express our eternal gratitude to the people who have helped us along the way. Anyone who has so much as held Mazie in their thoughts and prayers is an advocate to whom we are indebted. Please accept our apology for remaining unresponsive so long but it was not a sign of ingratitude. We love and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Kolby and Andrea

We would also like to acknowledge Mazie for being a shining example unto us. Her strength and perseverance is inspirational and her personality is exceptional. We love you, Mazie, and we will always be by your side.

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Update 5/18/11 :)

Some good news to report!  Mazie and family are back home again (not in the hospital) so that’s great news all on its own!  Mazie is done with chemo now and her liver function is perfect! She still has her feeding tube because she hasn’t been eating enough and she gets TPN (total parental nutrition) at night. She will now have to go in weekly for labs to make sure her Prograf levels are good (the anti rejection drug she’s taking for her new liver) and she will also have monthly checks for AFP. When she started her AFP levels were in the millions and now she’s under 10! Yes, 10..  which is normal. 🙂  She will also have monthly CT & MRIs to check for tumors.  She’s not considered to be in remission yet – I’ll have to double check on that.. I think it’s 2-3 years with no tumors to be considered in remission then I believe it’s a few more years after that to be considered cancer-free.

Mazie is getting back to her happy self and playing again – that last round of chemo and the stomach virus was really tough on her – and her parents.

So, everything is headed in the right direction and we realize our family is SO blessed in SO many ways.  Thank you all for support!!!   Nana Tina

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Update 5/3/11

Well, our little girl has been having a rough month but things are looking up. They returned to Oregon from California but they have only spent a few days at home, the rest have been at the children’s hospital through Mazie’s last round of chemo. The immune suppressant drugs she’s taking because of her liver transplant, along with steroids and then chemo just wiped her out and she got a stomach virus and a few other things, that well… not sure if that would be TMI here. Let’s just say she’s  had a rough month but things started looking up yesterday. Mazie’s mommy, Andrea, said that she has smiled (first time in about a week) and was playing a little, so that’s a wonderful sign.  I got to talk to her last week and I swear I could feel my heart break when I heard her voice, she sounded so fragile.

Great news is that her last round of chemo is over and they are just waiting for her numbers to come back up so she can go home again.  (10 rounds of chemo total) She will still have weekly dr. appointments, but being home would be good for Mazie and her parents. As soon as school is out in Montana, we will be able to take Mazie’s older sister back home (she’s been staying in Montana with her Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins), and hopefully we will all have a happy, healthy and uneventful summer! 😉   But, I’m getting ahead of myself… right now we just take it one day at a time 🙂

Mazie’s 3rd birthday is coming up in June which is the time we found out last year that she had cancer, so we’re really looking forward to celebrating it with her.  Papa Pudge and I went shopping for summer clothes for her this last weekend and it was nice to be doing something normal & everyday for her.  Can’t wait to see Mazie in her new summer outfits but more important — too see her bright little face and knowing she’s going to be here for us to love for so many years to come.

Please keep Mazie and her family in your prayers and thank you so much for your support and love.  Nana Tina

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Update: 4/10/11

More good news, Mazie and her parents are back in Oregon safe and sound! 🙂

It sounds like Mazie’s last round of chemo starts on monday and her rounds run 21 days so she will be done the first week of May. We are so blessed. Thanks so much to everyone. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

Also, I was talking to my Mom today and she had found out that her friend’s granddaughter in New Mexico, who is 2 also, has been diagnosed with cancer. Our hearts go out to their family. Her name is Avery, please include her in your prayers.

Thank you! Nana Tina

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Update 4/2/11 :)

More great news today! Mazie and her parents get to go back home to Oregon next week! Mazie’s dr.s and oncologist have agreed there is no reason to keep her at Stanford any longer and she can return to Oregon to finish her last round of chemo beginning around April 11th.  They were going to finish up with 2 rounds but now they are just doing one.  Mazie is still using a feeding tube which they will keep in through her last round.

Wow… what a great day. 🙂 We are so blessed.  Thank you! Tina

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Update Post-Transplant 3/22/11

Not so much an update, but something really cute and pretty funny.  Mazie has a very long (but good looking) scar from side to side across her lower abdomen from the liver transplant. The dr.s have been calling it her “Shark bite” which of course, she loves because she is so into anything that has to do with animals.  too cute!

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Update Post-Transplant 3/21/11

Mazie was released from the hospital on Friday, one week after her liver transplant.  They are now back at the Ronald McDonald house and doing well. By Saturday, she was running around and playing and one of her dr.s calls her the “liver transplant posterchild”. I’m sure the fact that the liver matched Mazie perfectly had a lot to do with it too – and the fact that our little Mazie… well, she’s pretty amazing. 😉

Her liver function and levels are already normal and the biopsy results of her old liver showed that cancer only remained in the tumor, not in any other part of her liver so that says that her cancer was contained and was not spreading again.  🙂

She’s now on a immune suppressant drug that she is processing very well and they are working to get her levels steady.

Whether or not they can return to Oregon for her final two rounds of chemo will depend on her liver function and levels. She will be on steroids for a little while longer. They’ve been told if anything were to go terribly wrong, it would likely be within the first two weeks of the transplant so she will stay on the steroids through that time because is suppresses the immune system also. 

Mazie’s great aunt and uncle went to visit again this last weekend and had a great time playing with her and with other kids in the playroom too.  Andrea said Mazie is still talking about their visit. 😉 

Thank you all again. Nana Tina

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Post Transplant Update 3/14/11

Mazie is still doing well. She got her breathing tube out yesterday and she sat up on her own.  Papa Pudge got to talk to her for a few minutes – her little voice was raspy (from the breathing tube) and tired, but sweet as ever… 🙂

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